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I'm not sure if anyone's noticed, but I have been very inactive on LJ lately. I haven't been posting (what's new?) and I haven't been replying to journal entries I'd normally reply to. I apologize if I've missed anything important, and haven't been there to provide support or anything.

I've been trying to redirect my life as of late. I am, by nature, a hermit. I don't often socialize, leaving me to spend most of my time on the internet/LJ. Lately, I've been trying to change that. I'm extending my social network, while also working hard academically. Together, these leave me very little time for internets, causing me to neglect you guys.

I am really sorry if I've missed anything important, but I really need this. I love you all, and consider you guys my friends, but the ratio of time spent in NL versus RL was getting unhealthy.

So this is me, announcing my hiatus.

Does this mean SR has been abandoned? Not at all. Will I be posting the next chapter soon? In all likelihood, probably not.

Will I be reading your posts? Yes and no. I may occasionally pop onto LJ, and go through your individual pages, instead of friends' paging it. I'll probably be skipping fic, just because of time. Will I be commenting? Not really. I may occasionally, but please don't be offended if you don't receive one from me.

I AM contactable, though. If you'd like my e-mail address (the one I check more frequently than flufshepherd@yahoo.com) just ask and I'll give. E-mail conversations are super-duper, and don't take as much time out of my life than LJ does.

Thank you for understanding.

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