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Tag - I'm it!

I have officially tagged my whole LJ. This means that you guys can subscribe to my Sour Revenge tag and this (through some process that I am to understand is not dissimilar to sorcery) lets you keep track of it without having to check my journal or friend me. I have many tags, so if you are more interested in icons, other fandom fics, or my rl-related posts, there are tags for all of those, and more.

Unfortunately, the Boxer layout doesn't let me display my tags, so I'm going to have to customize my journal. So, if you'll bare with me while I do that, I'll let you all know when the tags are see-able. I just wish LJ hadn't changed the way of customizing your journal; my choices are so limited now!

While tagging, I re-discovered what I had once called my "Howard" 'verse, for want of a better name. I have found that 'better name' and now it's called "A New Kind of Family." If you don't remember, that's the one where Spike and Drusilla had stolen a baby!Xander from the Sunnydale hospital and raised him as their own. I have many fics that I've started/outlined that I plan on continuing after I've finished SR, but I think ANKOF is going to be first on that list. Since it's not a real WIP, I can write single fics in that and post them with no responsibility.

Having learned from SR, I am very keen on the 'no responsibility' aspect of one-shot fics. No more WiPs for me. If I ever post anything multi-chapter, it will be fully completed by that point.

That's all for now. I have some vague RL news, but I'll put that in when I post the all-clear for the tags.

ETA: Uh... is it possible that free account users can't display their tags? Because I'm not seeing any option for it.

ETA part deux: Never mind. I see it depends on the layout you're using.
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