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Smells like things are happening...

My f-list seems to be shining up with happy reactions re: LJ's wonderful new ideas which completely keep users' happiness in mind and definitely don't slap us all in the faces.

So, yeah. Am I taking part in the strike?* Yes. Yes, I am.

Because, oddly, I don't really like getting slapped in the face. Weird, innit?

Also, I'm probably going to become more active in my InsaneJournal. That is, I'm going to start moving my fics and icons over. And I'll be double posting. (If you're reading this in IJ, then I guess you don't really need to be told that. :-P)

My biggest issue with completely abandoning LJ right now is that I know that LJ is more active in the fandoms, and I don't want to miss anything. Until the tables have completely turned, you can find me at either site.

If any of you are wondering where the hell I've been with the last chapters of SR, thank you for sticking with me through all of my impossible writing droughts. I want to promise you that I'll have some for you soon, but I can't do that. I want to finish writing this ASAP, but I'm realistic enough to know that it may not happen.

I'm trying, though. Please understand that.

I'm wondering if it'd just be easier for everyone if I waited until I completely finished the series before posting anything. I'm approximating that there will only be 3 more, and I feel like, once I get passed this one rough spot, I might be able to pull it together with some speed.

Any thoughts?

BTW... I'm pretty psyched about getting 100 userpics at IJ. Now I get to show off the pretties I've been working on for the past few months. :-D :-D

*I know, I know. As if I'd have posted that day, anyway, right?


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Mar. 18th, 2008 12:52 am (UTC)
SO glad you found me on IJ sweetie. *hugs* LJ's being such a pain right now. I'm not gonna renew my paid account next time around; that'll be the end of it for me. I'll keep my journal, but I was going to try and get all my spn fics onto fanfiction.net anyways, since all my Buffy stuff is on Just Rewards. I'm startin' the move.

*hugs you again just 'cause I can* Missed you like WOAH. Seriously. When I saw you on my IJ I squee'd so loud people came to look. ^_^

Mar. 18th, 2008 01:10 am (UTC)
*hugs* I'm right there with ya. My paid account has already expired, and I haven't renewed it. I miss having all the icon space, but IJ gives me 100 for free, so *squee*! Just gotsa find out if I'm allowed to use other people's icons on IJ.

*hugs you and twirls you 'cause I can* I've missed you too! I've been a terrible commenter lately. :-( Forgive me? I swear, I've been reading all of your posts, though. I'm just weird with commends. :-\

*and another hug* :-P
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