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Hallo all

First off, HUGE thank you to authoressnebula for the virtual roses on my user info. So pretty! Thank you, sweetie. *hugs*

Also, thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday. I had a very good day, so that was nice.

Now for a quick update on me, for those interested:

In the writing department, I've been a busy little bee, I'm happy to say. I have, as of right now, written the next chapter to Sour Revenge, written a little Jeeves/Wooster for skyblue_reverie's super-late birthday gift, and I surprised myself by writing a Life on Mars fic. It's Sam/Gene, but really pretty gen. All of these will be posted soon enough.

I've also been a pretty busy icon-making bee. Life on Mars, specifically. I've decided that when I finally get around to making that icon journal, I'm going to do single-fandom icon posts, and the first will be Life on Mars. After that? Well, I'll figure that out later.

I'm really glad that I'm almost finished with Sour Revenge. I went about that fic all wrong, and that definitely had its consequences. I've written myself into corners too often and had to keep putting off writing more due to my disappointment with myself and it. I've worked out most of the problems with it, but my love is no longer with this fic.

Like I said, though, I did write the next chapter, and I am going to finish it. I'm just also going to be very happy when it's done. No more WIPs for me.

I hope all of you are enjoying your summers and that you're not all dying from the incredible heat.
Tags: life on mars, lj stuff, writing
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