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SR, Plans for Future, Doctor Who

Hey everyone! I figured it was about time to do a post on the current state that is me.

A few people have been asking after Sour Revenge. I'm really flattered that people are into my story enough to make inquiries on their own and I feel more than guilty that I always take so long to get the latest installments out. I have the rest outlined and, if chapters stay basically the same length as they have been, the story is going to end in somewhere around six chapters. I have almost all of the next chapter written, so I can't imagine it taking much longer to get out. I am also working on skyblue_reverie's very, very late birthday pressie, though, which I'd love to get written for her before her next birthday rolls around.

Also, I'm thinking about creating an icon journal, which got me reconsidering my LJ priorities. Here's my plan for my LJ-life future:

The journal flufshepherd will be used for personal posts and for writing. I will not post any WIPs in the same way that I've done SR. From now on, anything I post will be 100% complete when I post it. That will hopefully ward off all frustration and guilty feelings. The free time I will then have once SR is all finished might go to icon making, which I find a very relaxing and productive way to spend time when I don't have any decent plot bunnies hopping around my brain.

Also, I hope to be able to start commenting more on my friends' posts. I know that I don't do it very often, but I do read all of your posts. I've never been the greatest at things of a social nature, so I never really know what to say and often feel like whatever I am saying is pretty stupid. It's a problem I've had for as long as I can remember.

I do read every single one of your posts, though, down to the last word. For those of you who have been going through a hard time right now, as I know a few of you are, I'm really, really sorry and I hope things start looking up for you. I'm here to talk to, if anyone wants.

And, lastly, Doctor Who? So intense. I am loving this show. I want it to be Saturday right now! Or, well, more accurately, Sunday, as that's when it's normally uploaded onto the 'net.

So, uh, does anyone have any suggestions for a name for my new icon journal?
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