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Repost of a Comment to anonymous - for anyone who might still be out there

Hey there,

I recently checked this old e-mail, which has fallen to viruses and spambots and almost over-looked this email. I'm glad I didn't; even though it's been years, it's still nice to hear positive feedback.

I'm very glad you enjoyed SR. I've thought about it a lot since I went on hiatus, often considering putting it up for adoption - letting somebody know what my plans were for it, and letting them take it up. Sometimes I considered just sitting down one day and finishing it myself. I always feel bad when I consider how it's become one of these "eternal WIPs." But then, when I decide to write it, I always feel guilty that I'm not working on any of my other original works, which may some day have their own futures.

My writing style has evolved over the years and I am constantly curious to see how that would manifest in fanfiction writing. I hope some day I get over my guilt and find out, both for my sake and for my readers' (I say, as if I haven't lost all of my following).

I suppose this rant doesn't have much of a conclusion. I can't promise that I'll ever finish any of my WIPs, if that's what you are looking for. But I do feel obligated to let you know that I've never forgotten about it, and I spend a great deal of time contemplating it. If I do finish them, I doubt it will happen soon. I have an extremely busy year ahead of me, and even if I wanted to step out of my hiatus and resume where I left off, I wouldn't have the time. I'm sorry I can't offer anything more than that right now, and I hope you understand. If I come back, I look forward to finishing up that story for myself, you, and anyone else who waited. You all deserve it.


I'm not sure if anyone's noticed, but I have been very inactive on LJ lately. I haven't been posting (what's new?) and I haven't been replying to journal entries I'd normally reply to. I apologize if I've missed anything important, and haven't been there to provide support or anything.

I've been trying to redirect my life as of late. I am, by nature, a hermit. I don't often socialize, leaving me to spend most of my time on the internet/LJ. Lately, I've been trying to change that. I'm extending my social network, while also working hard academically. Together, these leave me very little time for internets, causing me to neglect you guys.

I am really sorry if I've missed anything important, but I really need this. I love you all, and consider you guys my friends, but the ratio of time spent in NL versus RL was getting unhealthy.

So this is me, announcing my hiatus.

Does this mean SR has been abandoned? Not at all. Will I be posting the next chapter soon? In all likelihood, probably not.

Will I be reading your posts? Yes and no. I may occasionally pop onto LJ, and go through your individual pages, instead of friends' paging it. I'll probably be skipping fic, just because of time. Will I be commenting? Not really. I may occasionally, but please don't be offended if you don't receive one from me.

I AM contactable, though. If you'd like my e-mail address (the one I check more frequently than just ask and I'll give. E-mail conversations are super-duper, and don't take as much time out of my life than LJ does.

Thank you for understanding.

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Sam Likes it Here


Sour Revenge won another award!


Thank you to all who voted for me, and to whoever nominated me!


"Keeps true to characters, amazing writing,and the story flows easily. Description is good.
Love the way the relationship evolves."

Thanks, Kitty, for showing me! *tackle hug*
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Layout: It's New

Okay, so first I have a few questions that I want to get out of the way.

1) Is there any way a basic account user can put up an original header, or am I stuck with what I've got? I like this layout, I just don't want to have a header that I didn't create. I'm weird like that.

2) Is there any way a basic account user can change the layout of the friend's page and not the recent posts page?

... or am I screwed on both counts?

And, I said I'd update on RL here, too, so for those who aren't interested, look away now.

Earlier this year I was experiencing a terrible slump - one of the worst I've ever had. I was very uninterested in everything, very anti-social, and very lazy. I suspected depression, but seeing as how I've been feeling much better lately, I'm just chalking it up to a case of 'feeling blue.' Hopefully I'll never feel that down again. It could have had something to do with the last remaining of my cats passing away, but I was feeling down before that, anyway, so who can really say?

That was months ago, though. I've been getting much better. Made more friends, re-bonded with older ones, got closer to my family. I've even had some ideas for writing - fic *and* original. I just haven't quite gotten to the writing yet. Also, I still maintain the 'no writing until SR is finished' rule.

I'm also starting a project in which I'm going to read more literature. I was in Barnes & Noble today and realized how few books I've actually read. So I'm compiling a list. I'm going for well-known classics, so if anyone has any must-reads to recommend, please do!

I believe that's all that's up with me. So, how have you all been? I've been reading posts, but I'm still interested, if anyone has any new news.

Also, please help me with my layout questions! I'm rubbish at these sorts of things!
Sam Likes it Here

Tag - I'm it!

I have officially tagged my whole LJ. This means that you guys can subscribe to my Sour Revenge tag and this (through some process that I am to understand is not dissimilar to sorcery) lets you keep track of it without having to check my journal or friend me. I have many tags, so if you are more interested in icons, other fandom fics, or my rl-related posts, there are tags for all of those, and more.

Unfortunately, the Boxer layout doesn't let me display my tags, so I'm going to have to customize my journal. So, if you'll bare with me while I do that, I'll let you all know when the tags are see-able. I just wish LJ hadn't changed the way of customizing your journal; my choices are so limited now!

While tagging, I re-discovered what I had once called my "Howard" 'verse, for want of a better name. I have found that 'better name' and now it's called "A New Kind of Family." If you don't remember, that's the one where Spike and Drusilla had stolen a baby!Xander from the Sunnydale hospital and raised him as their own. I have many fics that I've started/outlined that I plan on continuing after I've finished SR, but I think ANKOF is going to be first on that list. Since it's not a real WIP, I can write single fics in that and post them with no responsibility.

Having learned from SR, I am very keen on the 'no responsibility' aspect of one-shot fics. No more WiPs for me. If I ever post anything multi-chapter, it will be fully completed by that point.

That's all for now. I have some vague RL news, but I'll put that in when I post the all-clear for the tags.

ETA: Uh... is it possible that free account users can't display their tags? Because I'm not seeing any option for it.

ETA part deux: Never mind. I see it depends on the layout you're using.
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I Won an Award!!

Me!! I did!!

I never won an award before, so excuse me if I seem a bit happy, but


Thank you, takhen for bringing it to my attention!

"Keeps true to characters, amazing writing,and the story flows easily. Description is good.
Love the way the relationship evolves."

I'm is happy.

Congratulations to the other winners and runner-ups!

If I didn't have so much to do today, I'd celebrate by writing more SR. Though, next weekend is pretty empty for me, if I recall...

Smells like things are happening...

My f-list seems to be shining up with happy reactions re: LJ's wonderful new ideas which completely keep users' happiness in mind and definitely don't slap us all in the faces.

So, yeah. Am I taking part in the strike?* Yes. Yes, I am.

Because, oddly, I don't really like getting slapped in the face. Weird, innit?

Also, I'm probably going to become more active in my InsaneJournal. That is, I'm going to start moving my fics and icons over. And I'll be double posting. (If you're reading this in IJ, then I guess you don't really need to be told that. :-P)

My biggest issue with completely abandoning LJ right now is that I know that LJ is more active in the fandoms, and I don't want to miss anything. Until the tables have completely turned, you can find me at either site.

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BTW... I'm pretty psyched about getting 100 userpics at IJ. Now I get to show off the pretties I've been working on for the past few months. :-D :-D

*I know, I know. As if I'd have posted that day, anyway, right?

Sour Revenge 30

*peeks out* Does anybody remember me?

I hope you all had excellent holidays. My life since last posting has been full of various ups and downs. Cat died, had an experience almost close to romantic, had wonderful holidays, and, what you're all probably most interested in, wrote a new chapter of Sour Revenge. I experimented a little bit with this chapter, so I'm pretty nervous about it.

Some day, this series will be finished. Once that happens, I hope to write many stand-alones in loads of different fandoms. Also, I'm so going to create an icon journal. You have no idea how many icons I have waiting to be posted.

I predict three more chapters of this series, not including this. For a sane person, this might take about a week. But, since I'm me, who knows when I'll be done? Feedback will definitely encourage me to write faster, though. *g*

Title: Sour Revenge, Part 30
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Entire series is NC-17, though this chapter's PG-13.
Concrit: Very welcome in comments.
Disclaimer: The characters, story, and rating system are not mine and since I'm not making any money, nobody should care that I'm using them.

Summary: Whole series written for willowschild who asked for "A variant on what happened to Xander when he cast the love spell. Only instead of attracting all women it was all men and the only one who could break the spell was his true love."

Beta'd by the fantastic and brilliant kitty_poker1.

Previous parts here.

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Jeeves tucks in Bertie

A very, very late b-day pressie


A bit over 6 months ago, a certain lovely lady had a birthday. I promised her a Jeeves/Wooster fic, and now, finally, she can have it. Ignoring that it's now closer to an early birthday present than a late one:

Happy Birthday, skyblue_reverie! I hope you like it. :-D

Title: A Reflection
Author: flufshepherd
Fandom: Jeeves & Wooster
Pairing: Jeeves/Wooster
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,821
Warnings: See rating.
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit.

Summary: Bertie reflects on how his relationship with Jeeves became the way it has.

A/N: A super-late birthday pressie for skyblue_reverie, beta'd by the marvelous, fantastic, marvelously fantastic kitty_poker1. Thank you, Kitty!

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